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Collagen WORKS

Experiment with collagen to enhance your beauty!

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You want to shine, offer your body an anti-aging food supplement really doping? 

You do not need to inject the collagenYou don't need to inject the collagen, you just need to absorb a dosette of our perfectly dosed mixture to enjoy the benefits of this product. 

Not only is your skin more beautiful, but your hair is shinier and fuller.

Your skin problem is easily solved with this food supplement

By combining taurine with other ingredients of natural origin, including collagen hydrolysate, our product accelerates the regeneration of connective tissue. 

The antioxidant effects are proven and you glow. 

Not only do you provide a first-class solution with a quality anti-aging product, but you bring firmness and radiance to your skin. The absorbed collagen allows you to spread to the outside. 

Hair Skin Nails is a good product to take as a complement

Give your body an enriched and nourishing supplement to radiate new strength. 

Try our expertly blended Collagen Works cocktail from It Works! made with the finest ingredients such as :

- 5 types of collagen bioactive collagen blended into a formula that boosts your metabolism ;

- Vital vitamins essential to maintain your hairyour hair, skin skin and your nails in perfect condition;

- Some vitamins A & C plus Zinc & Selenium for normal maintenance of your skin, scalp, hair and nails.


Dilute one dose of Collagen Works in a glass of water or your favorite drink. 

Do not exceed the prescribed doses for one intake. 

Don't forget to check the list of ingredients of our product to avoid any possible allergy.