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Defining gel

Slimming and toning cream

Defining gel, a cream to tone your figure!

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Are you looking for a body care product that penetrates quickly for deep hydration?

 External aggressions tend to accelerate skin aging. 

Fight against these negative effects and increase the renewal of your skin cells by using our gel regularly. 

In addition to the Body wrap, this nourishing cream with extracts of green tea, rosemary, jojoba, eucalyptus and many other ingredients, brings total softness to your skin. 

Apply locally on the stomach, legs and upper arms to get a perfectly smooth and toned skin. smooth and toned skin.
Whatever your skin type, you will improve its satin appearance. 

Combination skin also finds the greatest advantage with this gel enriched with products of natural origin. Our formula is perfectly compatible for all skin types. 

Mature skin regains its elasticity. Your skin is overall more luminous and you appreciate the discreet fragrance of this cream made with natural products. 

Boost your skin's appearance with this long-lasting, creamy moisturizer! Make it your daily beauty care partner!

Features and benefits of our product:

- Improves the texture and firmness of the skin;

- Redefines the contours and appearance of your body;

- Softens and moisturizes the skin.

Directions for use:

Apply once or twice a day on the targeted areas with circular massages until the gel is completely absorbed. 

An additional massage will further enhance the toning effect of the gel to firm and soothe your skin. 

Check the composition of your moisturizer and the ingredients in order to avoid any allergy following an application of our gel.


The moisturizing effect of the protective cream is not noticed overnight. It takes a little patience, as the natural ingredients must be integrated into the structure of the sensitive skin to remove blemishes and impurities.

Ingredients chosen with professionalism

The reason Defining Gel Moisturizer is nourishing and different from other cosmetic creams is because it is enriched with natural ingredients, including argan oil, almond oil, aloe-vera, coconut oil residue and vegetable oils. They help to make the body more silky. The day cream is perfect for making the bodies shiny.

Each type of ingredient has a specific role:

  • Hamamelis: this plant derivative has medicinal properties that make the skin clean. It reduces the gnawing which is due to irritations ;
  • Green tea leaf extract: this ingredient reinforces the elasticity of the skin, which improves its vitality;
  • Rosemary oil: applied locally on an area of the skin, the oil allows the blood to circulate better;
  • Vitamin E extracted from essential oil, etc.

All the components of the Defining Gel moisturizing cream are of vegetable origin. This is what gives this highly effective elixir its nourishing, protective and repairing character for all skin types. Indulge yourself by using the balm whose soothing, strengthening and cleansing effect makes wrinkles disappear.