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Revitalizing care for hair, nails and skin.

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Features and benefits of HAIR SKIN NAILS

You want to have silky hair, strong nails and a radiant complexion in all circumstances. But you don't have time to run to beauty salons or get advice.

Rest assured, there is an easy solution to your problem: Hair Skin Nails.
Thanks to this food supplement, your hair becomes supple, your nails no longer break and your complexion is radiant.

A real rejuvenating treatment, Hair Skin Nails gives you a renewed youth.
You radiate in society: your colleagues notice it during work meetings, even in this era of remote video conferencing.

Soon, your friends will ask you for your secret. Your partner, finally, will be delighted to find in you the beauty that seduced him in the first days.

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Revitalizing care for hair, nails and skin.

HAIR SKIN NAILS, a triple action for hair, skin and nails.

Thanks to a clever blend of essential nutrients, Hair Skin Nails meets several needs at the same time.
It is at the same time:
a hair product: your hair regains its vitality and shine
a skin care product: your skin is rejuvenated and your complexion is fresh
a nail nutrient: your nails are healthy and no longer fall out.

Hair Skin Nails is suitable for all hair types: frizzy, fine, straight or curly.
You can also continue to adopt your favorite hairstyle: Afro cut like Black Panther, mane like Tina Turner or classic cut like Anne-Sophie Lapix.

Carefully selected active ingredients.

The components of Hair Skin Nails have been selected to make up for your deficiencies in vitamins, minerals or other trace elements.
Indeed, it is these deficiencies that cause brittle hair, dull complexion or weakened nails.
The essential nutrients of Hair Skin Nails will fight against these effects. Here is how they work:
vitamin C. Known for its benefits on general health. It promotes the production of collagen, which maintains the elasticity of the skin.
biotin or vitamin B8. The benefits of this vitamin are well known: skin, nails and hair cell renewal.
selenium. This trace element is an antioxidant that effectively fights against oxidative stress. Indispensable to the proper functioning of the body in general, it protects you against the effects of external aggressions.
copper. Stimulates an optimal pigmentation of the skin and hair.

Other minerals and vegetable oils complete this selection of choice, namely: vitamin E, extract of Amla fruit, olive leaf, grape seed powder etc.
In addition, Hair Skin Nails is guaranteed without GMO, no artificial colors or fragrances. It is also compatible with the ketogenic diet.


How to use Hair skin nails ?

The use of Hair Skin Nails could not be simpler: swallow two capsules per day, at mealtime.
Yes, it's as simple as that: two small tablets a day and that's it!
At the same time, drink a lot of water.
The Hair Skin Nails food supplement can also be used with other products of the it works range.


A bottle with a refined presentation.

The bottle containing the Hair Skin Nails capsules has a sober and refined presentation.
Easy to store, you can take it with you everywhere in your handbag or in your coat pocket.


Precautions for use.

Do not use in pregnant women. Respect the recommended daily dose. Maintain a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Use in persons over 18 years of age. Avoid prolonged use. Keep out of reach of young children.


An opportunity not to be missed!

Take advantage of the opportunity to take back control of your beauty: shiny hair, youthful skin and healthy nails. Visit the product page to discover the additional benefits that await you.