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Working from home to supplement your income

Are you looking for an additional income at home?

How to avoid inflation?

Why become an It Works distributor?

Thursday: Bonuses are paid 4 times / month

+ The 15th of the month: Commissions are paid!

So up to 5 payments per month

it works compensation plan

FAST START Quarterly Bonus

bonus fast start quarterly It works distributor

My starter kit!

The Starter Kit (BBK) qualifies you for the Fast Start Bonus.

It includes a pack of It works products that you can use yourself to promote or resell in order to immediately reimburse you for the purchase of the license.

Each Starter Kit (BBK) includes:

  • A Welcome Box - You will receive a beautiful box with a milk frother + A beautiful isothermal mug with a reusable straw.
  • Your personal website - You will give your customers a direct link to your online store.
  • Access to your Back Office - This is the back office where you manage orders and track your progress and that of your team.
  • The IT WORKS app - Simplify your daily tasks and view your progress quickly and from anywhere with our mobile application.

This is the Starter Kit (BBK):

    • Starter Kit (BBK) + SKNY Starter Pack System =104€
      (Value of products 125 €)
      - 1 box of SKNY Gummies (60 candies)
      - 1 bottle of ThermoFight XΛ£ (60 tablets)
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becoming an it works salesperson

How can I earn money?

How easy is it to become a distributor?

When you become an It Works Independent Distributor, you will receive products in your Starter Kit, which you can use to showcase your results and make sales or you can resell them to make the purchase of the Kit more profitable.

But the goal is of course to use them and to show you using them.

You can :

- Either use social network accounts and create publications and Storys showing the products, you can use your existing accounts or create new accounts specific to your activity.
- Or do FIT Parties, meetings during which you will present and sell the brand's products.

When people see your results, they will naturally ask you questions and you will be able to guide them towards a purchase on your store.

Why join the It works team?

When you start working with our team, you will become part of a great team! I'll be there to train you and I'm committed to teaching my team everything I've learned so that you can succeed too.

Not only do we have regular trainings with a monthly schedule and replay trainings, but once you sign up as a distributor, you are added to the exchange group where we share important information, our successes and encourage each other.

Who am I and why did I start?

I'll tell you all about who I am and where I've been on this page: Who am I?

No experience required

Have you never done anything like this before?

No problem at all! 99% of my team start from scratch!
We'll give you all the tools, training and support you need as soon as you sign up.

All you need is a phone πŸ“±

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