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Toning body wrap

Immediate results!

Firm up your figure with our toning body mask

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 You are looking for easy to use body care products, Body wrap is for you! 

The only cosmetic product marketed by It Works! our lotion provides all the effects you expect. 

Made with a recipe rich in minerals and active ingredients such as green tea and guaranaBody Wrap helps you remodel your body effortlessly. Its detox formula is a great tonic

Soon you will be pleased with the firmer and denser appearance of your belly and any stubborn areas. 

Our slimming cream a is a great remedy against fatty deposits. 

You can wrap your arms, your back, your stomach and let it rest for 45 minutes. 

The difference is visible!

Features and benefits of our product:

- Ready to use, to firm up skin contours and resculpt your figure;

- Provides benefits of firming benefits for an ideal product to target rebellious areas;

- Promotes firmer, smoother skin with reshaped contours;

- Enjoy an improved formula with seaweed, green tea and green tea and guarana.

Recommendations for the use of Body wrap

Apply our slimming cream on a clean and dry skin. 

Proceed with light massages to make penetrate the product with its active ingredients. 

Leave on for 45 minutes, then rub the skin for a exfoliating effect even more effective. Use our product approximately every 3 days for long-lasting results.